Brenna Moore is an interior designer and mother who

is from Los Angeles, CA.  She is an avid reader, world traveler, foodie, AirBnB entrepreneur and master of languages.

She loves to connect with people from all over the world and is always searching for the next travel destination.  She is as comfortable in a dressy gown as in torn jeans with a drill in her hand, Brenna is the "handyman" in the Kramer family.  

She is looking forward to using this trip as a way to expand the children's minds and to try foods from all over the world.  Brenna tightly holds the purse strings in the family and is known to not back down against locals who try to gouge her for money.

Kerala is a happy, creative, and bright girl who loves art, dance, languages, being kind to other children and animals and looking up to bigger kids.  She's funny, has an extreme sense of detail, is just and has an amazing memory.

Her language skills have been developing through her Spanish immersion classes in Kindergarten and 1st grade in California public school.  She likes her friends and the  education she's getting but is especially excited to  learn through experiences by traveling.

When she smiles, she lights up the room like a floating glowing orb but when angry, watch out!  She is a powerful young lady who doesn't back down at 'no' and her goals.  She says she is excited about doing clean up projects around the globe in different towns that we visit.

julian KRAMOORE, AGE 5


Charles Kramer is a Television Producer who's been working for 23 years in the industry.  He is a friendly guy who always loves to bring a smile to others and create an overall positive vibe.

Charlie likes playing music, windsurfing, science, editing, and a good dinner party among  friends.  His passions are technology in all forms, inventions and re-markets of existing ideas and products, and film making.  Reading usually biographies, fantasy fiction (Game of Thrones), News, or Social Media...Charlie is a consummate networker and marketer.

Kramer says, "I've spent the last 20 year of my time producing TV for everybody else, it's time to make something that's 100% mine." Charlie sees this trip as his opportunity to take a step toward a new, sustainable traveling lifestyle for himself and his family.



Julian is a very athletic, sweet, and affable boy who loves books, music, and learning.  His favorite foods are pasta, chocolate and muffins (not together).  He often talks about robots, cars, jets, swords, and sports especially T-ball and Soccer.  He loves music, especially the Star Wars Imperial March and can often be seen wearing his Luke Skywalker garb (a karate uniform) on any given day.

His favorite color is "all of them," ​a true lover of people who is quick to laugh and or tell a joke.  He is a fast runner, a great climber (like his sister) and a tough kid.  When he falls, he gets back up soon after and keeps pushing forward.

Julian looks up to his sister and often follows her lead.  If she is in a good mood, he'll follow suit and so on.  Julian is probably the most unaware of what he's about to experience on this World Trip but says he looks forward to his mommy and daddy being his teacher.